Video Recensione – Fab Filter Pro Q2 vs Waves Q-Series Paragraphic eq

Plugins Test: Davide Ruiba

Video Editing: Samba Fall Niang

All tests are performed with the same method of processing using the same hardware and software.

Hardware: Notebook a 64 bit, Intel Core I7-6700HQ 2,60 Ghz, 32 gb di RAM, Hard Disk SSD. Software: Steinberg Wavelab 8 LE 64 bit.

Audio Track for the Test: Track recorded and mixed in the studio, it’s a Raft Mix to allow the most accurate perception of changes of timbre given by the Plugin. The file is a 96 Khz / 24 bit.

Test: The tests are performed in order to show the difference of quality between the plugins and not the usability, much more personal. Each plugins work and processes in a different way, for that reason they are compared so they can work more similarly possible. Not compare different video plugin because they can have different configurations based on the capabilities and functionality of the plugins under test. The FFT is a White Linear Noise rendered with the plugin settings.

Recording: The proposed audio in various stages from this test is always rendered, this to minimize possible alterations provided by the software in the processing of the Plugin in real time, and without the application of dither and shaping to let the sound purely defined by the plugin.

Listening: Recommend listening with use of quality instruments, recommended listening using headphones with linear frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and a dynamic up to 100 dB, higher the quality and the better will be the perception between the various plugin under test.

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