Rupert Neve RNDI-S From Rupert Neve: The RNDI-S is a new stereo DI with the same topologies & tone made famous by the highly-regarded single-channel RNDI. Its signature sound is the product of custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers and discrete FET amplifiers, delivering a powerful, vibrant direct sound worthy of the Rupert Neve name. Featuring dual TRS inputs … Continua a leggere Rupert Neve RNDI-S

Rupert Neve RMP-D8 From Rupert Neve: For the last decade, the world’s leading live sound engineers have chosen Rupert Neve Designs as some of the only analog equipment to accompany their digital touring rigs. With eight channels of class-A mic preamp with custom Rupert Neve Designs transformers, mastering-grade 24-bit / 192kHz converters, ultra-reliable redundant power supplies & … Continua a leggere Rupert Neve RMP-D8